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My monotypes are pretty much paintings that are transferred to paper. I develop the painting on plexiglass using rollers, brushes, and anything that will make a mark in the paint, such as Q-tips, corrugated cardboard and rags. The next step is to place the plexiglass on the bed of an etching press and then lay a piece of dampened paper on top of it. As it goes through the press the image is transferred to the paper. The resulting monotype has a different look than a painting because of the pressure on the paint as it is pressed into the paper.


The pastels that I use are the traditional chalk pastels. The colors are beautiful and I try to capitalize on the brilliance and variety of this medium. I don’t have a particular method or formula of applying the pastel, but I tend to just dig in and use as many layers of colors as I need. I use both soft and hard pastels, the soft ones for putting on thick color and the hard ones for drawing and making lines. The image develops slowly and I use whatever techniques will produce my desired result.


White Forest


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